Monday, July 19, 2010

just a dash of sweetness

oh my goodness...all i want to do is bake bake bake!!!

thanks to my mom and dad for getting me the uber-fabulous kitchenaid mixer for my birthday...30th birthday...shhhh. now all i want to do is mix, whisk and knead to my heart's content. so far all i have been able to accomplish is making sugar cookies and to be quite honest if all i ever make is sugar cookies i'd be quite happy. this new massive mixer has revolutionized the way i make my favorite treat. everything is so smooth and it doesn't leave any little floury bits at the bottom that i have to knead in. oh, it is just so amazing! to make matters worse (or better) i got two new aprons that are just the cutest darn things you've ever seen so needless to say i am always in an apron :)

here's one...thanks andrew & anna

so, over the years i have been accumulating lots of fun new items (thanks to williams sonoma/pottery barn and crate & barrel) but i've also been given some of my ultimate favorite things from my family and friends that just mean so much.

like this...

this is my great grandmother's biscuit cutter. so great, right? it makes the most perfect circles and the fact that it has been making yummy treats for over 75 years is just amazing and it just warms my heart to be passing on the baking tradition!

so, here's to a great day filled with new and old things to make you smile.