Monday, March 3, 2014

something so small

Oh dear...I'm a blubbering mess...

I'm standing here in Layla's closet going through clothes and in true girl form I stop and started looking through all of the items I set aside to keep forever...this one is what started the emotional roller coaster.

This simple doll has so much love, emotion and tears soaked in it.

One day after Layla was born her neonatologist came in and said that Layla had meconium ileus because of her CF. Which means her poop was basically tar in her intestines that could not get out on it's own so they were sending her to Cook Children's and the ambulance was on its way?! That is a lot for this mom, who just had a baby, to handle.

When the Cook's team arrived at Baylor the very first thing they did was give me this doll and told me to place the doll in my bra so that it would smell like me and it could be close to Layla when I could not be. So I hugged, squeezed, prayed and loved this doll as much as humanly possible so that when it was next to my girl she would feel all that love and know that her momma was there and would always be there to love and take care of her.
Thank you Lord for sweet and kind of difficult memories that bring such joy.
Thank you sweet friends for being my prayer warriors and being such amazing friends.