Monday, February 24, 2014

Cystic Fibrosis bites...ya, totally bites the big one and I hate it...I really do.  But the funny thing is that it has also provided for me some of the greatest joys of my life.  Crazy right?!  I prayed so stinkin' hard that Layla would be a perfect little punkin girl when I was carrying her and we then we found out she had CF.  Devastating.  The unkown.  Are we prepared for this?  What will her life be like?  How long will we have her?  What will life be like?  What will her doctors be like?  My mind was a tornado of emotions and questions and ultimately fear of the unknown. 
Funny thing about life is that God completely steps in if you ask Him to.  In my fear I fell on my knees and prayed that I be filled with everything I needed to be the perfect mom for Layla and that God protect her and fill her with JOY.  JOY...that word just kept coming up in my thoughts and the midst of uncertain times ahead why on earth would the word joy be at the forefront of my mind?  What I didn't realize was that God had me, he had Layla, he had our family in His arms and he was whispering exactly what I needed to hear and be filled with and that was complete JOY in a trying and difficult season.

God answered and is still answering so many prayers with the word joy.  Every time we come to a season of unknown with Cystic Fibrosis God just whispers "joy" and I know that we are taken care of.  From Pseudomonas, to battling weight (needing to gain some), to the daily struggles in breathing treatments and other treatments we have to work into our crazy schedule.  We have found joy in it all.  Smiling all the way...

  Today I am going to choose Joy.  Today I am going to be thankful that Layla has gained a few pounds :)  Today I am smiling because no matter what is thrown at me and our family we WILL be okay, NO MATTER WHAT and that is good so good.


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