Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well, hey there darlins...

Funny thing about New Year's Goals...sometimes life gets in the way and you can't start on those goals until mid, eh hem, late February.  In my case it was a touch of pneumonia?!  What on earth. 

Better late than never right :)

2014 Goals
  • have friends over for a meal around the table every other week
  • mail or personally hand someone a hand written note once a week
  • don't be a blogging stranger...sorry loves!
  • run a 5k every quarter...hello Color Me Rad...I'm coming for you!  ps, old navy has some adorable work out gear on sale right now!
  • go to Taos with my hot hubby
  • master the balancing act of kids, marriage, work, etc...whew...I think I can I think I can
  • SMILE a lot because God is good and regardless of what is thrown at me LIFE is good!
Here we go...2014 is going to be stellar!


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